Rapidform Installation


  • 1 GB for program installation, tutorial and sample files
  • Temporary file cache requires a minimum of 4 GB free disk space
  • DVD drive
  • 3 button mouse with scroll
  • 17″ monitor or above recommended
  • Sound card
  • Keyboard
  • Network card


  • Insert the DVD into your local drive.
  • Follow the instructions.


After installation, you can run the application for an evaluation period without licensing. If you activate the software license with your own activation code, click Help > Activate License.Or, you will meet a Rapidform ProductActivation dialog box if the evaluation period ends. Check the For Official Customer option and click the Next button to follow the next instructions. You will be required to enter the Activation Code and Maintenance Code during licensing;

Activation Code

The Activation code is used to run your Rapidform software. There are two types of activation licenses;

Virtual Dongle (Node Lock) - Using an activation code, anyone can activate or deactivate the software on any PC. Simply deactivate the software on one PC, and then activate it on another in order to migrate the license.

Virtual Dongle with Local Network Sharing (Floating) - Just as above, you activate the software on any PC, but with this option, the activated PC can also serve the license key over a corporate network, without the need to connect to the internet to activate/deactivate license keys.

Maintenance Code

The Maintenance code is used to upgrade your software or get technical supports for a maintenance period.


To obtain the latest information, go to www.rapidform.com and select Rapidform Solution Center.
You can find solutions or frequently asked questions (FAQ) for licensing. If you need any help about licensing,
contact us support@rapidform.com

Rapidform Tutorials


Use Quick Start Guide to get started with Rapidform software. Click Help > Quick Start Guide
so that you see overall comprehension of the application and access several examples which are interactively
connected with Rapidformsoftware.


For more exercises of Rapidform software, click Help > Tutorial to open installed tutorial folder.

Getting Help

User Guide

Help > Context displays Rapidform User Guide installed on your system. Use the Contents or Index to find the information you need. Press F1 to see pop-up Help for the currently related function in the window.

Release Note

Help > Release Note displays the What’s new document that describes the new functions, enhanced functions and fixed bugs of the current release and also previous releases together

Support Tab

The Support tab in the application enables you to directly access Rapidform Solution Center. You can find trouble shootings, frequently asked questions (FAQ), CBT or tutorials for Rapidform software.

Rapidform Website

To obtain the latest information, go to www.rapidform.com and select Services. You can access;


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