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Buzz from the street – 6 weeks in

Last month we were happy to share with you that 3D Systems acquired Rapidform. True to its additive nature, we have been embraced into the 3D Systems family in a smooth transition that continues to pick up speed. Our combination of products, software and services bring together an unparalleled, supercharged portfolio of 3D content-to-print solutions. Abe Reichental, 3D Systems CEO has always said “our ultimate goal is to democratize creativity”, but what does this really mean for Rapidform customers, partners and the entire 3D scanning industry? 

Here are some of the initial reactions:

@dirdim Why did @3dsystemscorp buy @Rapidform? Because #3Dscanning creates digital reality content for #3Dprinting. Read more: http://t.co/F9cWETWP
@SPAR_editor Considering Rapidform’s corporate HQ location, could you say that @3dsystemscorp just made a Gangnam style acquisition?
@pfugeomagic I see it as market validation. Needham takes a favorable view of 3D Systems’ (DDD) acquisition of Rapidform, http://t.co/VJVtp2gY $DDD

Analysts and experts agree that our industry is full of potential. LiDAR News writer and Rapidform partner Michael Raphael explains why Additive Manufacturing Brings Layers of Opportunity to 3D Scanning. While 3D scanning news is making headlines at an increasing rate in more mainstream publications, 3D printing is exploding at an even faster pace, as illustrated in the Gartner “Hype Curve”. Raphael writes, “as the demand for printing rises, so will the demand for more 3D scanning.”

SPAR Point Group Editor Sam Pfeifle questioned if there truly is a need to streamline the scan-to-print workflow in his search to find out Why did 3D Systems buy Rapidform? Tom Charron, Senior Director of Marketing & Product Management for Rapidform confirmed that “the same customers who are buying scanners are buying printers… It’s not always the case that they’re being used together, partly because it’s not well integrated today.” Pfeifle explains that Rapidform XOR users have the unique ability to “create actual parametric CAD solids right in the same environment where they import the scan data,” separating Rapidform software from its competition, making it “easier for getting to the print phase.” 3D Systems VP of Global Marketing Cathy Lewis adds, “We think Rapidform is the perfect puzzle piece to fit in with what we’ve been building.”

After the acquisition, Abe Reichental shared his vision on the TV show Carolina Business Review, "We’re investing not just in the printing, we’re investing in the ecosystem and the tools that will democratize access for simplicity, intuitiveness and functionality."

Dr. Calvin Hur, Vice President & General Manager, Computer Aided Tools, is very proud of Rapidform’s accomplishments and has a positive outlook for the company’s future. “3D Systems’ passion, values and objectives are perfectly aligned to those of Rapidform, which enables us to jointly pursue the goal of democratizing 3D technology. This ‘Game Changing Combination’ has helped us widen our impact of 3D scanning software in the market, which has remained our mission since our company was established. We will still continue to help people enjoy the benefits of using 3D scanning technology.”

Hur continues on the future of our industry, “The 3D scanning industry has not yet matured compared to rapid prototyping in the consumer market. After working with the 3D Systems team, partners and customers for the past 6 weeks, I’m convinced we will unify 3D scanning with 3D printing into a more powerful tool than either technology has ever experienced alone.”

Clearly, your future with Rapidform and 3D Systems is a bright one.

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Visit 3D Systems and Rapidform together at EuroMold 2012, the leading international trade fair for product development. Learn about scan-to-CAD, quality control & inspection, and scan-to-print all in one place!

What’s New: 3D Systems and Rapidform booths will be located in Hall 11 (stands D48 & C38)
When: 27 – 30 November 2012
Where: Frankfurt, Germany (Exhibition Center)
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Trivia Question

Which item can NOT be created from scan-to-print?

  • Electric guitar
  • Human limb
  • Gold ring
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Women’s brassiere
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Contest: Announcing Future New Creative Challenge

$1000 USD award!! 3D Systems is sponsoring a scholarship opportunity in Art & Writing!

3D Systems is sponsoring a scholarship opportunity in the 2013 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards! There are 3 awards in the amount of $1000 US dollars and will be presented to students who submit Future New work that is created using 3D Design software. Read more here: http://www.artandwriting.org/the-awards/scholarships-and-prizes/sponsored-awards/future-new/

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Working with large meshes and want to improve your system performance?  This month’s tech tip shows you how to significantly increase frame rates when working with very large mesh files.

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Creating Inventor models using Rapidform XOR Webinar (Nov 2, 2012)
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Trivia Answer

Which item can NOT be created from scan-to-print?

  • Electric guitar
  • Human limb
  • Gold ring
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Women’s brassiere
  • Create them all from scan-to-print!
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