Share and view inspection results and a multitude of 3D scan data and CAD formats with Geomagic Verify Viewer. This free viewer application, based on Geomagic Verify, lets anyone view the results of inspections created in Verify, including deviation color maps, dimensions and tolerances. You can annotate and measure distances, angles and radii on both Verify inspection results and any point cloud, mesh or CAD model. Geomagic Verify Viewer also opens every popular 3D scanner file format, as well as STL, OBJ, IGS, STP and Parasolid formats.

Free Viewer for 3D Scan Data and CAD Models

Open files from almost any 3D scanner, plus STL, OBJ, IGS, STP and Parasolid formats. Rotate, zoom, add notes, take measurements and capture screen shots.

Collaborate on Inspection Results

Open, view, annotate and make new custom reports from Geomagic Verify files. Explorer offers linear, angular and radial dimensioning tools so you can take quick measurements of scans and CAD models as well.

Create Custom Inspection Reports

Open inspection results from Geomagic Verify and create custom PDFs, PowerPoints and Excel files with detailed measurement results and screen shots.

Open and View Huge 3D Files

Geomagic Verify Viewer is available in 32- and 64-bit versions so you can view files with hundreds of millions of points or triangles, or CAD part models with thousands of surfaces.

Publish 3D Models as Web Pages

Geomagic Verify Viewer publishes web pages with embedded, highly compressed 3D models so you can share your 3D data with almost anyone – all they need to view your models is Internet Explorer. Geomagic’s ICF compression technology compresses models to as little at 3% of their original size without any loss of geometric fidelity.

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