The Smallest Soccer Player in the World

The LZH Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. collaborates with 3D Systems through Trimetric GmbH to reverse engineer a Tippkick® figurine in the interest of producing the smallest playable soccer player in the world using an innovative micro-stereo lithography process and, of course, Geomagic Design X.

A superlative as an advertising medium

Founded in 1986, LZH Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. mainly supports applied research in the field of laser technology on a non-profit basis. Not only to launch their new micro-stereolithlithography system, but also to attract more visitors at an exhibition, LZH plans to display a special item at the booth by using their new launching product and finally pleased to proceed the project with Geomagic Design X which enables to create Parametric CAD Models from 3D Scan Data. Stereolithography, invented by 3D Systems in the early 1980′s, is kind of additive manufacturing technology suitable for complex three-dimensional components. To achieve the highly-qualified service of Process Technology for the Micro-stereolithography, LZH newly developed a high-resolution machinery prototype, which enables them to manufacture any micro-size products for small and medium series.

Problem analysis and the ideal solution

Since each football player consists of complex shape with much free-forms and constructive components, it is very important to keep all the details with high accuracy. Furthermore, to utilize the final model of reverse engineering in different CAD Systems later, it is highly helpful to transfer all the parametric modeling history with editable entities to CAD Systems directly. Geomagic Design X is able to convert raw scans into high quality polygon mesh models and “Mesh Buildup Wizard™” is mainly used for Quick & Easy Polygon Creating in Automatic way. Moreover, Design X is available to export a fully parametric model with modeling history to SolidWorks, Siemens NX and ProE/Creo, and Inventor. Other 3D applications can open models created in Design X using industry-standard formats like Parasolid, STEP and IGES.

Design X proves its strengths when creating NURBS surface models for use in CAD/CAM and other downstream application. In other words, Design X enables users to create One-button quick B-rep surfacing and also additionally generate automatic re-meshing for generating CAD functional models. Furthermore, during the modeling process, Design X shows real time deviation analysis so it can ensure a finished model is faithful to the original 3D scan.

The third-generation parametric reverse engineering approach inside Geomagic Design X creates high quality, ready to manufacture CAD models fast and particularly for complex models. Design X is able to deliver more values in easy way.

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