New Hope For Burn Survivors

CimMed makes Compression Masks used in burn scar management with Geomagic XOS to help burn survivors heal faster and with less severe scarring.

Developing Compression Masks Using Geomagic XOS

Burn survivors often suffer extremely horrendous physical and emotional scarring immediately after a fire, and in some cases for the rest of their lives. CimMed and 3D Systems are working to make those debilitating scars a thing of the past. Steve Kidd, President of CimMed ( spoke about using Geomagic XOS for creating Compression Masks to help burn survivors heal faster and with less severe scarring.

Figure 1: A burn victim

Compression Masks fit closely to a patient’s burned face to help limit scar tissue growth and to keep moisture and medication on the wound. It is critical to get the perfect fit for optimal healing. Historically, the fitting process has been painful and time consuming at a critical time in the patient’s trauma treatment; as burn care providers are performing triage, hydrating the patient, etc. The old method involved taking an impression of the patient’s face using the same material a dentist uses on teeth. This required anesthetizing the patient, and it took approximately 10 hours of OR staff and technician time.

Figure 2: A Compression Mask

CimMed has developed a process that obtains the required data to create a Compression Mask quickly without touching the patient and risking further trauma and infection. CimMed trains nursing staff to operate the Handyscan to scan a burn patient, then uses Geomagic XOS to create a useable dataset from which a mold is machined. A bio-compatible material is molded into the shape of the patient’s face and delivered to the hospital. Outcomes have improved as the Compression Mask’s tight fit supports a faster recovery by encouraging thinner scar tissue that resembles the patient’s original skin, while the medication inhibits infection and keeps the new tissue moist and pliable. This healthy partnership between CimMed and Geomagic XOS facilitates the burn survivor’s quick recovery, both inside and out.

Figure 3: The process of Compression Mask making

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