Every license of Geomagic comes with multiple support options to make sure you can get your questions answered and get the job done.

Search the extensive Q&A knowlege base and submit support tickets to our engineers 24/7.

Local reseller support

Got a question on how to use Geomagic with your 3D scanner? Contact your original reseller for 1-on-1 support.

Geomagic engineer support

Can’t get your question answered by your reseller? Contact our engineers for help with licensing, installation, and usage questions.


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3D Systems Software Business Unit
Geomagic Design, Studio, Wrap, Control, Design Direct,
Capture, Verify, Design X, XOS and TeamPlatform :

Email: Geomagic.Support.Americas@3dsystems.com
Tel (Toll Free): +1.800.251.5551
(Primary): +1.919.447.8210
(Secondary): +1 866.727.4336

Claytools, Freeform, and Haptic Devices:

Email: SensableSupport@geomagic.com
Tel: +1.978.494.8241

3D Systems Korea

Tel: +82.2.6262.9900

Email: support@geomagic.com
Support languages: English and Korean

3D Systems GmbH

Tel: +49 (0)6151 357 141

Email: support@geomagic.com
Support languages: English and German

3D Systems Japan K.K.

Tel: +81.3.3265.9446

Email: japan.support@rapidform.com

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