They’re Good. You’re Better.

The competition? Oh, you mean the guys in the rear-view mirror?

With Geomagic, you’re ahead of the competition, especially if you have Geomagic software maintenance. With valid software maintenance, you’re optimizing the return on your investment by ensuring you’re getting the newest features and the most up-to-date version of Geomagic. Add live technical support from our expert engineers and product enhancement privileges, and you’ve got the tools to get the most out of your investment. Every license of Geomagic comes with the first 12 months of maintenance included.

Why renew your maintenance?

New Version Releases

New releases are provided at no cost to customers with maintenance. The software will even offer to update itself automatically whenever a new release is available. These new version releases include major new functionality as well as enhancements to existing functionality. These new functions are must-haves if you want to stay competitive with the latest tools and technology.

Stay up-to-date

Everyday new challenges are on the horizon. We are constantly improving to make sure you’ll be able to take on whatever ends up on your desk. With maintenance, you’ll get all the hot-fixes and service packs that keep your tools sharp and you even sharper.

Technical Support Services

Stay productive and efficient with Geomagic technical support services. Customers with maintenance have access to Geomagic support engineers to answer their questions. We use modern tools like live web meetings and data collaboration systems to stand by your side and make sure you never get stuck. We’re here to assist with product features, menu commands, licensing, installation and troubleshooting.

Product Enhancement Privileges

Sometimes our best new features are from you. With maintenance, you can submit suggestions and feature requests that help optimize your workflow, assuring that you stay efficient by making the software work for you.


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